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About Usshape
Grace Event Planner is one of the most well-known event management and destination wedding services in Thailand.

As a thank you for choosing us, we are here to welcome you and help you in planning a destination wedding that will be filled with precious memories. India is only a brief flight away from us. With our highly customizable wedding platform, you may design the kind of union you desire, from a simple ceremony to one with the finest venues and amenities.

We handle all wedding planning requirements, including custom wedding invitations and other collateral, guest arrivals, guest transportation, stay arrangements, hotel negotiations, event management, entertainment, artist management, photography, cinematography, food and beverage management, and on-site execution of all activities, with the help of a well-equipped team of professionals, local contacts, and resources.

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About Us

Décor services

Our team makes little touches that go into making the ambiance for your event known as event decoration. Creating the ambiance through décor will assist your guests to feel comfortable.

Light and Sound

If you want to add a tonne of theatrical drama or just a bit of whimsy, think of us for everything from the smallest lighting to exotic floral arrangements and the loudest sound systems.


Our catering team may choose catering and meals to suit the event, keep this in mind: You may cater to the guests' interests and desires after you have a better understanding of them.

DJ and Artists

The wedding's theme and the event or ritual being observed are taken into consideration by our team of DJs and artists while choosing performers and performances.

Entertainment for Events

Our team conducts circuses or carnivals, stage plays, variety performances, concerts, magic shows, puppet shows, or mime shows instead of boxing, wrestling, racing, or outdoor music festivals.


Our photographer has experience in capturing stunning photos at a wide variety of important events, from areas of people like weddings or birthday parties to huge public events like corporate events and music festivals.